As I sit today and reflect on all the decisions I took about studying in Kingston University seems quite fruitful today. One of our modules dealing with Designing a Business taught me to blog.  Blog about our business venture that we wished to start up as a part of our module. The business we began ultimately culminated into a a big venture with our team winning a series of events and now we finally head towards Manchester to represent our University.

Talking about our business, it is called Fli and our company is named Detour. In the process of forming the company I managed to befriend and and cherish the friendship of some of the most beautiful people on this Earth. I am supposed to write a 2000 words long essay, but to me actions speak louder than the words so I presume my faculty member knows the journey we as Detour undertook to reach this level. The hardships, the conflicts, mixed emotions, feelings and a lot more.  I am just way too overwhelmed by emotions to write any further, for the blogging experience was indeed an experience of a life time to be a part of this wonderful module.I learnt so much about how a business works, team work, management and in a nutshell theory of everything. To illustrate the following write up, here are aching of images googled online with references.   


IDEA meanders its way into multiple business IDEAS

In the previous post we discussed about the inception of the word IDEA. Now adding an S leads to a newer dimension that is

S = Success

Going back to the previous post,

I = Interest

D = Dreams

E = Enthusiasm

A = Attitude

S = Success

A group of 6 was formed consisting of students from different parts of the world – India, Bangladesh, Italy, Taiwan, Germany, Italy and Russia.

We sat and brainstormed and came up with multiple ideas. It all revolved around travel. From luggage carrying skate boards to thermo cups.

How To Rank In Search Engines And Keep Rankings

It is believed by the SEO pros that quality content is the most revered ruler in the kingdom of Search Engine Optimization. It is observed that while searching on these search engines that websites with better information are found at the top rung while the one’s with poor quality content are in the lower rungs. The segregation of these sites is done in accordance to the rankings of these sites. For people who are new to this SEO world, there are certain factors that determine site’s rank. So once a website is launched, the page is ranked on a scale of 0-10, 10 being the highest. Thus, there are various factors that determine the ranking of a webpage.

It does not occur overnight, but requires months of patience, creativity and most importantly planning before the chicken is hatched. There are assortments of factors that play an important role in determining the ranking of a website in a search engine.

  •   Content – The most important factor on which the websites are ranked is the quality of content they can generate. There are various parameters on which the content is judged. First of all the content should contain original and non-plagiarized text. This basically means that websites should not follow the concept of “CUT – COPY – PASTE” from other web pages and declare it their own work. Also, it is important to generate quality based content. The content available on the website should be well informative and should serve the purpose well. Thus, to generate good content, take your time to prepare the articles well and update it frequently to be at the top rung. A useful by-product of a great content is the generation of back links.
  •   Back Link – It is often noticed that most of the websites have a link attached to it which reads “click here to read more…” and blogs often have “blog rolls”. This is known as back linking. The more the number of back links the higher the page’s rank. Thus, if site A has a back link B it means site A is casting its vote for B. thus, more the votes, higher the rank of the page. It is directly proportional to each other. So if you are new to this back linking system, it is advisable to check out for other websites and see how they have sued back linking. This will help you minimize your mistakes. Lastly, it is to be kept in mind that while back linking, there is some relevance attached to it. For example, if you run a website on carpentry and it is back linked with a site that deals with make-up accessories, it is a big NO.
  •   Navigation and Organization – It is important to keep your site clean, for it is bad if visitors are facing trouble in opening the back links or the main web page. So it is advisable to keep the links as concise as possible and should be stationed at such a place such that the visitors do not face any discrepancy is searching for it.

 Quality – Lastly, it has to be kept in mind that a good quality is the most essential item for a standard organic search. Under quality the page should have a strong content, clean pages (not jumbled and clustered), and easily navigable. This will give the site more credibility over others.

How to optimize Google places listing

Google places listing, formerly referred to as Google Local is a free marketing tool available on the internet world-wide. It is a resource used by people looking for local business related information and also used by local business men who do not own their web page as a device to be known to people.

So for the aspiring businessmen out there who want to create a space for themselves and spread awareness among the local people Google place listing is a must have. It is easy and very user friendly. The stepping stone to this tool is to have a free Gmail id or have an account in YouTube. There are some strategies that need to be followed depending on the user’s business structure and his e-marketing policies. There are various advanced tactics which Google places listing provide which can be used. Here are a list of basic strategies that can be followed to optimize Google places listing –

Content – It is mandatory to fill in as much data as possible which is offered Google places listing. It is expected to make use of the five categories that are offered by Google. It would indeed be a waste of time if those are not filled up. Also, it is important to use a lot of characters while giving the description of the company. There are provisions of inclusion of extra details while filling up the profile, it would be better if these are filled up such that the credibility is built.

Keywords – Keywords are very important as it helps in making the search easier, but it should be kept in mind that too many keywords should not be used while describing the category of business. Also, one should refrain from putting too many keywords in the company name. This is one of the rationales why many company profiles get rejected.

Images and Videos – Google places also offers an option for uploading images and videos. Although Google might automatically display pictures relevant to the job description which invariantly leads to Google gaining a control over the profile. So it is better if the users upload their own pictures to regulate their own profile. Adding pictures add brownie points to the profile and look more convincing. Videos that are to be uploaded via YouTube links. These will enable the visitors to spend more time on the profile page.

Accuracy – The business name that is to be used should be accurate and no incognitos should be encouraged. This will lead to the loss of credibility. Also, it is important to give accurate business details which will help the prospective customers contact the company and this will generate business. Lastly, it is important to choose the business categories correctly such that you get prospective clients and this will enable the development of goodwill.

SEO tips to get better organic search engine results

Ever wondered while searching on search engines how do you get to view the relevant information data in the driver‟s seat while the irrelevant data are more inclined toward the back seat? Ever given a thought about what this phenomenon is and how it functions in accordance to human emotions? No this is no rocket science, but a web marketing technique known as SEO. SEO is the acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”.

It is to be kept in mind that SEOs do not possess souls, they are lifeless and thus do not understand human emotions. SEOs are mere computer programmes which are text- driven. It searches every nook and corner and every possible crag to scoop out the relevant information especially for you as soon as you hit the *Enter* button. So now we know the phenomenon that drives the vehicle of knowledge in the search engines. It is also to be noted that these days people are more interested in organic search than paying for the information on the internet. Thus, to make the most of organic search, here are some important get better organic search engine results –

  •   The most important tip is to understand that SEOs perform differently for different search engines. For example, if we compare Google and Bing – they are exact mirror images to each other. Everything which happens in Google, the reverse function occurs in Bing. The functionality of Google is like „old wine in a new bottle‟. The older the site the better it is. While Bing does not follow this traditional method. It mostly stresses on newer information. The newer the better. So while searching on any of these websites it is to remember their functionality.
  •   META tags are elements belonging to the HTML or XHTML family which are used to provide META data about a website. META data is basically the text and expression and the structure of a website. So while doing an organic search, it is important to use META tags unique to that particular search engine. Like mentioned in the above tip about the functioning of two search engines, so Google will have a different META tag and Bing will have a different META tag.
  •   It is important to update your blogs and websites more often as most of the search engines prefer well updated sites to poor content site. So it is recommended to have your own blog within a website.
  •   It is important to make sure that the web pages within your website are well linked, that is when a person searches this particular website, he does not have problem going to other related sites from that particular page.
  •   Lastly, in order to have a strong organic search it is important to have at least 300+ words per page.

The Importance of SEO optimized Content

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization. The work domain of SEO is to foster good quality based information for free while you search on various search engines. It is to be noted that SEOs do not possess souls and are not driven by the emotional drive, but the regularity of content updates by various sites. So when you search on the search engines, you will always find sites that offer proper relevant information on the top and this goes on a degrading spree. By the time you reach the last site on the page, it has already diverted from the topic you were looking for. This is the work of SEO. By means of certain keywords, it fosters your search and generates quality content information.

SEO is the key too tool to all those website owners who want to increase their site popularity. This enables them to be very active as they need to constantly update the information. There are certain parameters under which these sites are ranked and the most important of them is the content and back linking.

Under content, there various sub categories taken into consideration. The content that is generated has to be up to date for there is intense competition in the viral market over gaining traffic. It is important to avoid plagiarism and not ““CUT – COPY – PASTE” from other web pages and declare it their own work. This not only lowers the ranking, but also leads to the fee earning of a bad repute which is very difficult to break. Also, it is important to generate information which is idiosyncratic to your site only. This will lead to formation of a niche audience who will be loyal to your site only and soon by means of word of mouth the niche would become too big.

A useful by-product of content is back linking. By back linking we mean connecting to plenty of blogs and other sites and posting their links on your page such that the viewers get extra information from those sites as well. It is a way of ranking the other site as more and viewers tend to visit it. So more the back links, more will be the site’s rank. It has to be kept in mind though that while back linking, the sites or blogs you are linking your page should be of relevance.

Thus, SEOs take a lot of responsibility to make sure that they generate quality information for you. The ranking process acts like a bait for the websites to constantly update the information. Thus, this helps the clients in getting quality based information. They do not have to cross check it with any other sites, as the sites that the SEO generates at the top of the page. it is quality checked, proof read and the sites those are back linked with are trust worthy. It does not generate virus and infect your computer. Lastly, the most important of the lot, the use of keywords. By typing mere keywords, it does not hamper your search, but makes your work a lot easier.